I am an amateur artist with no qualifications in the subject. I did attend 'adult education' classes to learn the basic techniques in Watercolour painting, but my main inspiration has come from attending many varied courses on the subject wherby I have slowly developed a style of painting which I am now reasonably pleased with. Having said that, I am always striving to improve.

In 2007, I held my 1st Solo exhibition at 'The Dunmow Art Gallery', and this gave me a great deal of encouragement.
I regularly exhibit at the Aubrey Art Gallery in my home town of Dunmow, as well as taking demonstration/workshops which are always well attended. See the Aubrey Gallery website for dates of these events.

I am inspired by many artists, but I do prefer pure watercolour or line and wash. I have spent many an hour reading art instructional books and watching DVD's on my favourite artists, all of whom have taught me a great deal. I believe that I am a true example of 'anyone can paint', seeing as I could not even draw just 10 years ago. It is the love of the hobby which has driven me to go on, even when at times I struggled with the medium. Nobody said it was going to be easy, and the DVD's certainly made it look just that. I have learnt through many a failure and sheer determination.

Many professional artists teach using what I call 'cheating methods', i.e. masking out, sponging, credit card techniques, to name just a few. I would say that for anybody wanting to learn to paint, watching these professional artists and then having a go yourself will give you confidence very quickly because you will be producing paintings in no time. You can then move on to more traditional techniques if you so desire, and this is exactly how I began. All I can say is 'Have a go'. It is great fun and you will soon be impressing your friends and family.

I would like to thank Andrew Pitt whose courses I have attended many times, for his excellent tuition and encouragement, also Ian King and Richard Taylor and more recently Gerald Green.

I always use Winsor and Newton Artist quality paints, and of the many brushes I have acquired, I have a few favourite round sable which I generally use.

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